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We are booked out for June, July and August 2024.

Bookings for summer 2025 will open in September 2024.


Horse and Wagon Holidays 

 Our Horse and Wagon holidays offer a unique and unforgettable outdoor experience.

Travel through small towns and villages through county Laois, experiencing a simple and nomadic life.

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Wagon in nature
Caravan pulled by horse

At the moment, we operate six wagons from our home base, which will be the point you start and end your trip. Each day your journey will be around 13 km, and you will work your way around a route through the quiet lanes of South Laois. Each evening your stop will be at a different farmer's field where there is room for your wagon and for your horse to graze. The facilities and things to do vary from stop to stop.

The wagons have everything you need to have a comfortable stay.


Seating / Sleeping:

During the day, there is a table and seating area at the rear and a long seat at the front of the wagon. In the evening, the rear seating area converts into a double bed and seating at the front converts to a bunk bed. The maximum load for the upper bunk is 50kg.

Included in the wagon: 

  • 4-burner gas stove and sink

  • Utensils for cooking and eating for five people. 

  • 2x 5l drinking water canister, cool bag and lighter.

  •  LED light inside the wagon. 

  • Hand and tea towels.

  • Bedding and pillows.

For the Horse 

  • 1x 20l water canister for the horse 

  • Brushes and care items

  • Treats 

Minimum number of people per car:

  • Two adults

  • One adult + one youth (over 14 years)

Maximum number of people per car:

  • Two adults + 2-3 Children 

  • Three adults + 1-2 Children

  • Four adults can fit, but it is a bit of a squeeze for the room. 

If there are older children or four adults with you, we recommend bringing a tent.


An additional standard 2-person tent, sleeping bags and roll mats can be rented on-site (upon prior request) for 30 euros for the week.

Inside wagon
Inside wagon
Inside wagon

Route and Itinerary

wagon and fire

You spend the first and last night in Making Tracks base station. After your arrival, we will discuss what experience you have and will choose the right horse for your abilities.

The morning after your arrival, you will be extensively instructed on handling the horses, unharnessing them, and driving the caravan. Last but not least, you will receive a handbook with all the important information, instructions and route plan.  We will also go over in detail with you the roads you be taking on the map.


We will accompany you for the first few kilometres till you feel comfortable with everything and then will keep in contact with ye during your journey if there are any problems. 

When you arrive at the overnight station, you will usually see your parking space straight away, or if not, it is usually signposted. 


Booking Information 

  • Minimum driver age: 18 years + driving license 

  • Fitness ability: average ( good on foot as lot of getting on and off the wagon and able to lift around 20kg above ones head )

  • Must be at least two adults per wagon or one adult + one youth (over 14 years)

Price includes:

Horse, wagon, feed for the horse, water, instruction, route map, gas, bed linen, blankets, pillows, kitchen utensils, cool bag, on-call help and liability insurance for the horse.

Price does not include:

Towels, groceries, stand fee at the stops, transfers and liability insurance for guests.


Please take out third-party holiday insurance and accident insurance before you leave your own country, as we cannot arrange this here. Sometimes, our visitors' own household insurance coverage can be extended by them to cover their holiday risks - visitors must check this themselves as they are responsible for ensuring that they are properly covered.


Our insurance does not cover our visitors against claims against them for any damage they may cause to other persons or their property. 


Experience necessary?
It's an advantage but not a must. We have horses suitable for all abilities.

If you wish, you can also book a driver who will drive the wagon for you during the day. 


Price List For Summer 2024

price list 2024

Booking Enquiries

For Booking Inquiries, please fill in our contact form, email us or ring on the number below. 

+353 871614643

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