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Learn a little bit about the Hyland Family 

Our Story

Hyland's name has been in Laois for many generations, and we are very passionate about keeping Ireland's old ways of life alive. 


Making Tracks is are family-run glamping site that has only recently opened its doors to the public. Over three years ago, we bought the site with an abandoned house and an overgrown acre of land, hoping to turn it into something special.


Since then, we have slowly been doing up the house and land to create a unique glamping site that stands today. The addition of the six wagons and horses opened the doors to show the world the rural beauty of the midlands of Ireland. 

As most people, when visiting Ireland, rush to the west, the heart of Ireland gets forgotten. We may not have long beaches or rugged mountains here, but we have the untouched rural lanes ideal for plodding along with horse and wagon or relaxing in one of our cabins. With a friendly face around every bend and a tasty pint to quench one’s thirst, Laois is the place to enjoy slow-paced travel and soak in nature.


The Hyland family wants you to experience getting back to basics and strip the complexity of modern-day life.

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